The media department has five (5) main divisions;

a. Photography Division

The photography division is responsible for capturing high-quality

images during church events and regular church services. Editing of

photos and coordination of photography sessions within the church.

b. Stream Division

This division manages and oversees live streaming activities for

church services and events. They also coordinate with technical

teams to ensure smooth streaming operations as well as

troubleshoots technical issues during live broadcasts.

c. Sound Division

The sound engineering division provides and ensures quality audio for

church services. They also manage and maintain audio equipment and

ensures proper sound levels and clarity during events.

d. Production Division

This division oversees the overall production process for media

content. They coordinate with various teams to ensure cohesive and

engaging media output. They also manage timelines and deadlines for

production projects.

e. Finance Division

This division manages the budget for media-related expenses and

projects as well as tracks financial transactions and ensures

responsible use of funds. They also collaborate with the leadership

team to plan and allocate resources effectively.